Converis guide

Guide for using current research information system (CRIS) Converis.

All externally funded projects at the University of Jyväskylä are following the Quality Assurance Guidelines for Project Activities. The document provides guidelines and instructions for selecting, planning, implementing and ending projects, and it serves as a quality assurance manual as well.

The quality assurance guidelines are meant for those who apply for project funding and implement projects. The guidelines also help units’ management to develop project activities consistently.

The project life cycle described in the guidelines has been integrated into the Converis research information system. Currently all project announcements and related decisions are saved to the system, as well as funding applications to external financers, received funding decisions and project documentation from the project implementation and closure stages.

Feedback from users offers information on support needed in different phases of the project life cycle as well as on the development needs of the system. This data will be used to develop operation.

Publication data, research metadata, international mobility of employees as well as significant scientific awards will be imported to Converis in the next phases of system implementation.

Converis-ohjeet suomeksi