MoCap Toolbox

The MoCap Toolbox is a Matlab® toolbox that contains functions for the analysis and visualization of motion capture data.

MCTlogo_smallThe MoCap Toolbox is a Matlab® toolbox that contains functions for the analysis and visualization of motion capture data. The toolbox is mainly aimed for the analysis of music-related movement, but might be useful in other areas of study as well. It supports the generic .c3d file format, the .tsv data format produced by the Qualisys Motion Capture system, the .mat file format produced by the Qualisys Motion Capture system, the .bvh format, and the .wii format produced by the WiiDataCapture software.

To use the toolbox, you need the Matlab software. Before using it, the toolbox has to be added in the Matlab path variable. The toolbox should be compatible with most versions of Matlab and most platforms. The latest implementations and developments have been made on Matlab version 8.4 (R2014b) running on Macintosh OS X v10.10. The MoCap Toolbox comes with no warranty. It is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the file License.txt provided with the toolbox for details of GNU General Public License.


» Authors

Petri Toiviainen (Professor) and Birgitta Burger (Postdoctoral researcher) are employed at the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Both are members of the Finnish Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research, which investigates various issues related with music cognition, music motorics, and music and emotions. 

If you have any comments or problems to report, please contact the authors (firstname.lastname at jyu.fi).


» Download

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      • Version 1.5 (released 7/10/2015)
      • Old versions - if you wish to have access to an older version of the toolbox, please get in touch with the authors.


» Extensions / Add ons

Eye tracker add on: This add on reads in Ergoneers Dikablis eye tracker data and syncs it to mocap recordings. More information on how to use the functions will follow soon. Download (zip, 5 kb).

Periodic quantity of motion by Rodrigo Schramm & Federico Visi. You need MoCap Toolbox to run the functions. See the Manual and the function help how to use it. Download (zip, 1.1 mb). 

See also: Visi, Federico, Schramm, Rodrigo and Miranda, Eduardo. Gesture in Performance with Traditional Musical Instruments and Electronics: Use of Embodied Music Cognition and Multimodal Motion Capture to Design Gestural Mapping Strategies. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Movement and Computing. MOCO '14, p. 100-105, ACM, Paris, 2014.


» Mailing List

Please register to the mailing list to stay informed about new releases, bug reports, and bug fixes. It also serves as a general discussion board for users, so feel free to post anything motion capture- and toolbox-related that might be of interest to other users and developers.

You can either register by just keeping the corresponding check box ticked when downloading the Toolbox or by using the link below:

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The email address to send messages to the list is mocaptoolbox at freelists.org (requires registration to send).


» Documentation and Reference

The documentation provides a general description of the Toolbox (Chapter 1) and examples (Chapter 2). Chapter 3 and 4 contain the data and parameter structure, and function reference respectively.

Download User's Manual (v. 1.5) (pdf, 2mb)


To cite the MoCap Toolbox, please use the following reference:

  • APA entry:
    Burger, B. & Toiviainen, P. (2013). MoCap Toolbox – A Matlab toolbox for computational analysis of movement data. In R. Bresin (Ed.), Proceedings of the 10th Sound and Music Computing Conference, (SMC). Stockholm, Sweden: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
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Download the article (pdf)


» Installation

Unpack the MoCap Toolbox file package you have downloaded. This will create a directory called mocaptoolbox. Secondly, a version of the Matlab program needs to be installed (see www.mathworks.com). Thirdly, the Toolbox needs to be defined in the Matlab path variable. Under the File menu, select Set Path Under the Path menu, select Add to Path. Write here the name of the directory where this toolbox has been installed. Then click OK. Finally, under the File menu, select Save Path, and then Exit.


» Compatibility

  • Macintosh (OS X): The MoCap Toolbox is compatible with most recent Matlab versions and has been tested with 8.4. (R2014b) running on Macintosh OS X v10.10 and higher. 
  • Linux/Windows: Currently not tested but should be compatible.


» Extensions


WiiDataCapture is a software that displays and saves acceleration data of up to 8 Nintendo Wiimotes. Version 2.2 also features audio playback (from line in input or computer) and audio recording.

Download WiiDataCapture 2.2

» Compatibility

The WiiDataCapture 2.2 utility runs on Mac OS X until v10.12 (Sierra) with both Osculator 2 and 3. If the Wiimote refuses to pair with the computer, try restarting the computer.

» System Requirements

WiiDataCapture 2.2 requires OSCulator (http://www.osculator.net)!
Old versions of WiiDataCapture: please contact authors for older versions.