Services and equipment / Palvelut ja huolto vierasasunnoissa

Guest apartments: services, equipment, cleaning, laundry, recycling /

 Palvelut, huolto ja varusteet

All the apartments are furnished.

  • The apartments are equipped with linen, kitchen utensils, television and internet connection.
  • The services of the guest apartments include cleaning.
  • The apartments are cleaned once every two weeks. The bed linen are changed at the same time. 


Cleaning is done every other week between 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. if the apartment is occupied for more than two weeks. Cleaning or change of linen is not done during the week of arrival or the week of departure.

  • The cleaning service includes: change of linen, vacuuming and wiping up of floors, cleaning of free table and counter space, cleaning of bathroom facilities.
  • The residents are expected themselves to do the dishes, as well as to remove the biowaste and other waste (including bottles, cans, advertising mail, etc.) from the apartments.
  • The residents must acquire toilet paper, cleaning liquids and other consumables by themselves
    • Should one wish for the University to handle these extra services, it can be arranged, but the costs are to be paid by the residents themselves.


The buildings have shared laundry facilities. A tenant can reserve the laundry machines by making a reservation on a form located in the laundry room.

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