TJTSM51 Information Security Management (5 op)



The student will have a good knowledge of the main topics, basic concepts and principles in information security management; The student will have a good knowledge of the techniques and methods used in information security management, and the ability to consider them in terms of applying them within an organization; The student will gain knowledge and understanding of key contemporary research issues within the field of information security


The course contains lectures, case exercises, a quiz, presentations, and then a final exam. To complete the course the students need to: Attend/watch online lectures; Complete either the online quiz and case studies or in-class or video presentation of about 20-30 mins; final examination. The case exercises are real problems faced by the information security managers in practice. The students solve these case exercises in advance individually or in groups. The presentation will be about the student’s own experience of information security management, including the security life cycle. The formal examination will be a series of examination questions covering the topics from the lectures.


The course "TJTSM51 Information Security Management" aims to provide knowledge, introduce key themes and basic concepts from the information security discipline. It will also provide knowledge of methods and techniques used in managing information security within an organization. Course structure will follow the key textbook by Raggad, and include topics from: Introduction to Information Security Management, Security Planning, Security Analysis, Security Design, Security Implementation, Security Review, Continual Security. Students will be expected to attend/watch lectures, undertake the assignments, and read from the key texts recommended for the course.


ISBN-numero Tekijä, julkaisuvuosi, teoksen nimi, julkaisija
978-1-4200-7854-1 Raggad, B. G. (2010). Information security management : concepts and practice. Boca Taylor & Francis 2010.


Online quizzes (20%) & Case studies (10%) OR Presentation (30%), Final exam (70%).


This course assumes that you have already completed your bachelor’s studies and you are currently doing your master’s or doctoral studies.