TJTSM56 Advanced Course on Information Security Management (5 op)



1) Student will have a necessary knowledge and understanding of key contemporary research issues within the field of information systems security

2) Students will acquire basic competence in critically evaluating IS security research articles.

3) Students will learn how to write a conceptual argumentative literature review on an IS security research topic

4) Students will obtain experience in verbally presenting logical and rational arguments.


In pursuance of advancing students’ scientific understanding on information security management and IS security, the course TJTSM56 continues course TJTSM51 (Information Security Management). Course TJTSM51 (Information Security Management) laid down the foundations for evidence-based understanding on the practice of information security management. While TJTSM56 continues the theme of information security management, it also widens the perspective, from information security management in general and information security managers in particular, towards research in the Information Systems Security. At the same time, the course is aimed at adopting a research-oriented approach.

The course is at Master’ level. The goal of the Master’ program is to design and implement a research project, namely Master’s thesis. A graduate program needs, therefore, develop skills necessary to carry out such research endeavor. This course is designed to introduce key IS security research themes through examples in the Information systems Security literature. In the course, students need to read and understand the IS security literature. Though understanding and writing an research essay on an existing Information Systems security research topic, the course should help students in designing Master’s thesis at the end of their Master’s program.