Master's Degree Programme in Banking and International Finance

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Master's Degree Programme in Banking and International Finance
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2 vuotta
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The BIF programme provides an interdisciplinary degree and a strong quantitatively oriented background for the students to serve as professionals especially in financial markets, banking and other duties in the fields of economics and finance requiring highly analytical performance. The curriculum of the programme contains courses in core themes of economics, finance and also financial accounting, forming a unique mixture of the special skills required to serve in these positions.

BIF is a full-time 2-year master's programme. Studies begin in September and there is no mid-point entry to the programme. The degree gives the students the possibility to apply for doctoral studies for example in the doctoral programme of the Graduate School of Finance (, or after completing some advanced level courses in economics outside the curriculum of BIF programme, also in the Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics (

Supplementary studies
Depending on the individual background, the student may be required to take some supplementary courses.


Discipline based knowledge, knowledge application, and policy-relevant analysis of financial markets
BIF graduates master the three core content areas of their discipline: identifying the role of banks and financial markets, working as experts in banks and international financial markets, and applying empirical methods. BIF graduates are able to apply the core scientific knowledge and methods of their discipline in practice.
Research skills
BIF graduates are competent in critically analyzing interdisciplinary challenges related to the behavior of economic agents in financial markets.
Communication and language skills
BIF graduates have good communication skills in international financial markets and business environment.


    Elective Studies (vähintään 26 op)

    Choose elective studies to complete the minimum extent of the degree, 120 ECTS. Elective studies can be chosen from the variety of courses offered by the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics or other departments of the University.

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