Master's Degree Programme in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication

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Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication
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International Master’s Degree Program in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication (DMCC) consists of advanced-level studies in digital marketing and corporate communication, language and communication studies, general studies, and free-choice minor studies. The advanced-level studies of the DMCC program cover digital customer relationship management, digital interaction, information technology acceptance and digital technology user, digital marketing communications, digital marketing planning and management, and digital marketing tools and applications. The degree includes a thesis related to the programme topics.

Supplementary studies
Depending on the individual background, the student may be required to take some supplementary courses.


Discipline based knowledge, knowledge application, and responsible business
DMCC graduates master the core content areas of their discipline from four perspectives: 1) identifying the core theories and areas of digital marketing and corporate communication, 2) classifies the core objectives and tasks of digital marketing and corporate communication, 3) managing customer and stakeholder relationships with digital tools, and 4) applying principles of business ethics related to decision-making.
Research skills and critical thinking
DMCC graduates are competent in critically analyzing interdisciplinary challenges related to digital marketing and corporate communication.
Communication and language skills
DMCC graduates have excellent communication skills in international business environment.


    Elective Studies (30 - 32 op)

    Individually selected studies. Elective studies can be a mix of courses from various fields. Each students is free to choose any courses according to his/her interests offered by the University of Jyväskylä. These include but are not limited to:
    •Other business fields (e.g., accounting, management and leadership and finance)
    •Information technology (highly recommended)
    •Sports and Health Sciences

    Sisällön valinnaisuus
    Valitaan 30-32 opintopistettä