Master's Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship

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Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship
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120 opintopistettä
2 vuotta
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Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) is a two-year (120 ECTS) full-time course taught in English. It is a generalist programme that covers key areas in international business, entrepreneurship, and strategy. These three elements are at the heart of contemporary business, where the emphasis is on creativity, diversity, and innovation. In addition, the degree contains modules in business skills, research skills, language studies and optional studies. Students complete the degree with a Master’s thesis that reports an independent academic research project based on state-of-the-art knowledge on the chosen topic.

Supplementary studies
Depending on the individual background, the student may be required to take some supplementary courses.


Discipline based knowledge and knowledge application
IBE graduates master the three core content areas of their degree: international business, strategic management and entrepreneurial behavior. IBE graduates are able to apply the core scientific knowledge of their discipline in practice.
Research skills and critical thinking
IBE graduates are competent in creative problem-solving and in critically analyzing interdisciplinary problems / tasks / challenges related business development.
Communication and language skills
IBE graduates have excellent communication skills in international business environment.


Advanced Studies in International Business and Entrepreneurship (87 op)

  • 0-5
YRIS2110 International Business (5 op)
YRIS2120 International Entrepreneurship (5 op)
YRIS2210 Competitive and Organizational Strategy (5 op)
YRIS2220 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (5 op)
YRIS2310 Entrepreneurship Research (5 op)
YRIS2320 Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Competence (5 op)
YRIS2410 Venture Lab (5 op)
YRIS2420 Financial and Strategic Analysis (5 op)
YRIS2430 Innovative Marketing (5 op)
JSBS1110 Reseach Methodology (4 op)
YRIS1930 Master Level Research Tutorial (3 op)
YRIS1940 Master’s Thesis (35 op)
JSBS1940 Maturity Test (0 op)

Other Common Studies (8-10 op)

General studies (1 op)

JSBY6210 Introduction to Master's Programmes (1 op)

Language Studies (7-9 op)

Sisällön valinnaisuus
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Language Studies for Finnish Students (7 op)

Compulsory Language Studies (4 op)
Sisällön valinnaisuus
Valitaan 4 opintopistettä
XENX009 Integrated Research Communication (4-5 op)
Optional Language Studies (3 op)

Optional language studies can be chosen freely from the courses of the Language Centre. The course XENT1000 Academic Literacies is recommended.

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Valitaan 3 opintopistettä

Language Studies for International Students (9 op)

Sisällön valinnaisuus
Valitaan 9 opintopistettä
XENX009 Integrated Research Communication (4-5 op)
XSU0005 Suomen kurssi ulkomaalaisille 1 (5 op)

Elective Studies (23-25 op)

Choose elective studies to complete the minimum extent of the degree, 120 ECTS. Recommended elective studies listed above. Elective studies can be also chosen from the variety of courses offered by the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics or other departments of the University.

Sisällön valinnaisuus
Valitaan 23-25 opintopistettä
KTTS4170 Economics of Exchange Rates (5 op)
HISA511 Maailman taloushistoria (4 op)
CEMS2150 Corporate Strategies for Sustainable Business (5 op)
YRIS2450 Aalto Strategy Case Competition (3 op)
CEMS2210 Aspen Case Competition (3 op)
THIS112 Liiketoimintahistoria (6 op)
THIS113 Talouden johtamisen historia (6 op)
YRIS2230 Family Business (5 op)
YLAS4110 Corporate Finance (6 op)
YLAS4130 Corporate Governance (6 op)
YLAS3110 Kansainvälinen tilinpäätösraportointi (6 op)
YMAS3120 Digital Marketing Communication (6 op)
YCCA2120 Corporate Reputation and Crisis Communication (6 op)